Bundesliga Match Preview: Mainz 05 vs. Freiburg

Updated: January 30, 2014
Mainz 05

Match Date: 01 February 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Coface Arena


Mainz 05

On match week 18, Mainz scored a late winner to edge out Stuttgart 2-1 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. The hosts seized the lead in the 11th minute through Mohammed Abdellaoue, but Shinji Okazaki successfully equalized against his old club in the second third of the hour before Saller settled the face-off three minutes into full-time. The victory served as Die Nullfünfer’s eighth this season, adding another set of points to fill up their score to 27. In addition, the side have already scored 27 goals, although their negative goal difference suggests that they still need to toughen their defense in order to breach the more agreeable mark.



Freiburg’s latest showings suggest some improvements—including back-to-back victories in Bundesliga—from the side. Three of their last four matches (in all competitions) finished successfully, abating the five-week poor streak they incurred from earlier matches. In the German top-flight league table, Breisgau-Brasilianer have now earned a spot outside the relegation zone. They have been in the bottom for several weeks but their recent successes have pushed them upwards to place them above the drop zone. However, a much harder work must still be done as they are only one point clear of Hamburg, the 16th placers.


Sports betting tip: This match could result in a thriller, although Mainz 05 will eventually turn out to be the winners. A high-scoring battle sounds unlikely but it will nevertheless allow both sides to score at least one goal.


Mainz 05 | Image source: welt.de