Match Previews: Ligue 1 (October 26)

Updated: October 23, 2013

Lorient vs. Sochaux

Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stade du Moustoir, Lorient



Swathed in a Ligue 1 calamity, Lorient have fallen out of the league table’s safe zone for a third consecutive time. The side had their worst showing in their bout against Bastia, where they only secured one goal but conceded four. In their most recent match, Les Merlus were slammed by Saint-Etienne. The opponents’ Francois Clerc  opened the scoring; he was also pivotal to his team’s second goal by the 14th minute. An attempt by Lorient’s Jouffre to earn his side a score materialized in the 38th minute, but was later cancelled out by an inning by Gradel. Lorient’s second goal (and the last one for the match) was delivered by Aboubakar four minutes before full time.



The side with the most number of weeks spent in the relegation zone, Sochaux could hardly impress even their most loyal supporters. The team have only won once this season, in their clash against fellow relegation candidates, Valenciennes. The rest of their tourneys were dreadful enough to put club chairman Laurent Pernet on utter dismay. However, with new coach Harve Renard at the helm, Les Lionceaux might soon be able to turn the tides. Their most recent tourney resulted in a draw, which could be touted as a fairly reliable indication of the side’s possible recovery in the future.


Football betting tip: Pitting two of the league’s least impressive sides in the same turf would not sound much of a thriller. However, this match might actually turn out entertaining. Lorient and Sochaux are molded on almost the same wavelength in terms of capabilities and a tight encounter is therefore plausible. A deadlock could mark this battle’s finish.


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Toulouse vs. Rennes

Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadium Municipal, Toulouse



Their last eight home matches (in all competitions) did not disappoint Toulouse’s fans. Five of those tourneys were particularly impressive, while the other three ended only in draws but were nonetheless good enough to keep their form strong. Thus far, the side have already picked up a total of 15 points this season to put them in the league table’s top eight. Alain Casanova’s men were initially dull at the competition’s first few matches, but have found enough energy and courage to convert their most recent rallies in riveting successes. Martin Braithwaite remarkably stepped up his game, scoring goals in three of Toulouse’s four most recent battles.



Rennes delivered rather impressively in their curtain raiser, defeating Reims in a 2-1 home victory. Two more non-consecutive wins were bagged in their subsequent matches, but have since played less remarkably in the pitch. Reims are at their least spectacular when playing as visitors. This can be seen, in part or in whole, in four of their five away matches this season. In those meetings, two ended up in a downfall, while the other two finished in lackluster stalemates.


Football betting tip: This round could give Toulouse their third consecutive home win this season. Rennes’ are a respectable pack of warriors, but they cannot beat players who have been honed to win in their own home court.




Valenciennes vs. Evian TG

Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local)

Match Venue:



Six men—Enza-Yamissi, Pujol, Traore, Novaes, Lala, and Camara—cannot confirm their appearance in Valenciennes’ next fixture. The already poor-performing squad are beset with injury problems that could largely put a blow on their campaign. However, new coach Ariël Jacobs could look for excellent alternative to counter this dilemma. His debut coaching duty with the Les Athéniens raked two goals for the squad, and though it eventually ended in a draw with Rennes, the battle was fair enough to make a slight improvement in Valenciennes’ defeat-stricken form. The match started off with the Foued Kadir and Jonathan Pitroipa tandem scoring the first two goals of the session, but Rennes’ Le Tallec and da Silva managed to steal the spotlight from the 65th minute onwards.


Evian TG

At the back of Evian’s back-to-back accomplishments over Lyon and Ajaccio are finishes that were otherwise disappointing. The side’s last five fixtures barely gave them enough merits to claim rights of the league table’s top 10. The deadlocks with Montpellier and Bordeaux, and more so with their defeats from Lille, Nantes, and Guingamp, put coach Pascal Dupraz on immense pressure of turning his side around. Now with five of his men sidelined, the team boss’ dilemma has just worsened.  Dupraz must find a way out of this clutter if he does not want his troupe to move farther from the safe zone.


Football betting tip: Between Valenciennes and Evian, the former are more in dire need of a win. Both sides are afflicted by a ballooning number of sidelined players, but the determination to succeed lives on. Evian may be seen as the plausible winners in this match, but Valenciennes can actually obtain a surprise victory in this fixture, especially now they have a much better manager.


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