Match Previews: Ligue 1 (November 9)

Updated: November 6, 2013

Bastia vs. Stade Rennes

Match Date: 09 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stade Armand-Cesari-Furiani



I Turchini had an awful trip to Reims, having thrashed by the hosts with a two-goal lead. Romaric and Khazri were both able to cancel out Krychowiak and Atar’s goals, but Reim’s Preville and Oniangue provided the side two additional innings which would eventually decide the match’s outcome. The result marks Bastia’s fifth downfall this season, giving them a W4-D3-L5 record. They are currently occupying the table’s 13th spot, two places down from last week.


Stade Rennes

Rennes picked up one point from in their most recent fixture after being held on a draw by Marseille. Les Rouges et Noirs opened the scoring in the ninth minute via Nelson Oliveira, but was immediately revoked by an equalizer netted by Jordan Ayew in the 16th minute. The clash has since become fairly arresting, with both of the sides protruding excellent defense work but lacking in conversion skills as well. Including this deadlock, Rennes have been unbeaten in three consecutive weeks. Their streak is strong enough to keep them within the top ten but is still not yet sufficient to send them to the top five.


Football betting tip: Bastia and Rennes almost have opposite playing styles. The former are fond of shooting from direct free kicks while the latter are very strong at creating long shot opportunities. Bastia are good at defending set pieces but are weak at protecting counter attacks. Rennes, meanwhile, only have mediocre skills at keeping possession of the ball. In this round, the home side could be seen winning the tilt, with particularly strong domination in the first half. To wager between 1.82 and 2.11 for Bastia can be a very good decision to make.


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Toulouse vs. AC Ajaccio

Match Date: 09 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadium Municipal



TFC’s last four matches were equally distributed between wins and losses. Their penultimate tourney was particularly embarrassing. The side did not only lose a point from that battle, but they also let loose of five goals to their opponents (Rennes). Toulouse’s subsequent and most recent match was yet another disaster, where they were assaulted by Evian TG in a 2-1 finish. Current standings place Alain Casanova’s men at a lowly number 15, which is just three spots away from the bottom triad.


AC Ajaccio

This season, L’ours have only been able to win once—in a surprising outcome that saw Lyon slammed by Ajaccio on a single-goal lead. The rest of the side’s tourneys resulted in appalling and overcast finishes, mostly defeats. The very poor form inevitably neared them to the table’s most dreaded spot, with their record capped only by seven points from 12 matches and a goal difference posting negative digit.


Online betting tip: There is no playing department that Ajaccio players are particularly good at. They are weak when it comes to shunning dangerous areas and perform very badly when defending set pieces. Whereas Toulouse are well-equipped at creating chances as well as in stealing ball from their opposition. This match apparently puts the home side at the greater advantage, and seeing them reign by the end of the battle is highly plausible. A take on the range from 1.84 to 2.08 could provide fortune to bettors rooting for Toulouse.




Valenciennes vs. Montpellier

Match Date: 09 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stade du Hainaut



Masuaku, Traore, and Rose are all unable to participate in Valenciennes’ next match or matches. This leaves Ariël Jacobs to become a little more meticulous of his player assignments.

The side had a wonderful trip to Ajaccio in their latest outing, where they bludgeoned the hosts in a stirring 1-3 finish. The victory was particularly rewarding for the players in that it was their first success since winning in their curtain raiser. Between these triumphs were utter disappointments that saw the club obtain zero points in eight fixtures and two points in another two. Valenciennes were in the table’s lowest placement for four consecutive weeks, but are now two places higher due to their most recent victory. Nevertheless, the troupe are still within the bottom three.



La Paillad have been winless in their last three fixtures, although their most recent one was not necessarily upsetting. Drawing in their bout with Nantes 1-1, Montpellier picked up one point to slightly bolster their record. The score, however, was not enough to push them upwards in the table. They’re stuck at the lower mid-table, which is not surprising considering their horrible defeats in match weeks 10 and 11. Their home victory over Lyon 5-1 was supposed to give them substantial inspiration to do better in their subsequent matches; but none of its debris even reached the players’ willingness to grant that expectation.


Football betting tip: Valenciennes show sizable adeptness in protecting the lead and attacking down the wings, but Montpellier are also highly proficient at managing counter attacks and performing aerial duels. This match can be a battle of chances, but drawing by the end of the session would be the ultimate case.


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