Ligue 1 Team Review: FC Lorient

Updated: July 23, 2014
Lorient- Vincent Le Goff.


Lorient may have finished in the 8th spot for the second time around, but this does not mean that its excellent performance waned down. It has its own set of shortcomings. But those are really not that serious to cause a pandemonium within their camp. A little bit of tweaking will definitely make a difference, most especially if they do well in the transfer season.


With the excellent form of specific players such as football betting’s top pick, Vincent Aboubakar, who caught the limelight last season, there is a strong possibility for Lorient to enter the top five (5) and (hopefully), compete in a bigger stage.


Match to remember

Lorient’s terrific run that started last November until the winter break was hard to ignore. The team embarked on a 7-match undefeated streak that was more than enough to give the club members an assurance of a strong season ahead of them.


Match to forget

Prior to the above-mentioned undefeated streak, Lorient initially endured a 6-match winless tragedy. The depressing performance occurred at the onset of the season. Yet, as discussed, Lorient was able to handle the situation completely.


The scene-stealers

It is not surprising to see Aboubakar stole the limelight in Ligue 1. With sixteen (16) goals under his name, he is one of the prolific poachers that Lorient has ever encountered.


Latest Additions

Making their defence stronger than usual, Lorient sought the signature of defender Vincent Le Goff.


Image Source: Le 10 Sport