Ligue 1 Preview: Monaco seizing victory ahead of Toulouse

Updated: August 20, 2013

The Ligue 1 new season continues and with two of the most talked-about teams in the competition gearing for a new battle, many online bookies will again run toward their sportsbook to give supporters the most exciting odds. Monaco and Toulouse will have a face-off this August 24 on a 02:30 kick-off at the Stade Louise Ii, Monaco’s home court.


Empowered Monaco

Monaco’s most recent opponents were thunderstruck after incurring defeats from the newly promoted side. Amid the skyrocketing fees the management had to spend for expensive players, Claudio Ranieri’s men started their Ligue 1 campaign right. After subduing Bordeaux 2-0 in the August 11 tourney, the Monegasque side were again able to extend their winning streak at home with a splendid triumph over Montpellier 4-1 on August 18. New (and highly expensive) member Radamel Falcao gave his bosses what they wanted to get from him: a serious take on the pitch and impressive, high-class goals for the side. The imminent challenges that the team are faced with the Premier League stints have just started, and the team are considering winning as the only solution to overcome them.


Uncertain victory awaits Toulouse

Lately, Alain Casanova’s men have been having a hard time striking goals that can be converted to wins. While the draws in friendly matches with Real Sociedad 1-1, Montpellier 0-0, and Ajaccio 1-1 as well as in a Ligue 1 tourney with and Bordeaux 1-1 are certainly not a peril to panic, the defeat with Valenciennes in the season opening was a dire calamity. So far, the side have not yet been able to make a revenge out of that misfortune, and their hope for a win over current frontrunners, Monaco, remains a remote possibility.



“Old Monaco” was quite submissive to Toulouse in the years past, with their last duel ending in the latter’s favor. However, Ranieri’s side have been gaining momentum in the recent months and the ensemble overhaul the management did for the team prove to be an effective decision. In fact, five out of their eight most recent home matches were flying victories, with just one defeat to make a setback. Toulouse, by comparison, only managed to secure one win out of their eight most recent away matches. The rest were mostly draws.


Predicted winners: Monaco


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