Ligue 1 Preview: Marseille vs. Evian TG

Updated: August 13, 2013

Evian vs. Marseille


August 17 will mark the second time Marseille and Evian TG make their individual appearances in the Ligue 1 new season, motivating supporters for another football betting schedule to add in their list of sports activities. To be held at the Stade Vélodrom (Marseille’s home court), the match will reunite the two teams since their last face-off in February.


Spending much of their history in the top tier of French football, Marseille scored well enough last season to make them the second best performing side for the Ligue 1 2012-13. This new season, their vigor remains on fire as they are still ranked within the top three, so far. They opened the tournament with a lavish win over Guingamp 3-1 in an away match. While the two battles preceding this (friendlies) were defeats (Parma 1-0, Wolfburg 2-0), the team were successful in subduing Lens 1-0 for a Club Friendly. Team manager Pascal Dupraz is making sure that their performance this season will be much more spirited than what they have displayed the last time. Gaining back the top spot in the League table is what he and his men are up right now.


Evian, meanwhile, may have less impressive records than their opponents. Apart from being the younger club between the two, Pascal Dupraz’s men are also the ones with less experience in Ligue 1. Marseille have won the trophy a record nine times, while Evian is yet to gain the distinction. However, this does not mean that the side have been disarmed with the merits they are encouraged to flaunt. They won’t be promoted in the French top-tier football league if not for the impressive win they bagged in Ligue 2 a few years ago. They may also be relatively young and lack the veteran stature that the most esteemed clubs are characterized of, but Evian have proven more successful ascending to the professional divisions after just three seasons since their founding. In addition, they opened the new Ligue 1 season not with a defeat, but with a draw 1-1 with the more senior side, Sochaux.


Marseille are still seen as the more plausible winners of this upcoming match than Evian. The side have a solid record and vaunt player ensemble that many clubs are envious of. However, Evian will give a good fight in the pitch, and bagging at least one goal is not impossible at all.


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