Ligue 1 Preview: Neck-and-neck brawl between Toulouse and Bordeaux

Updated: August 15, 2013



Neither Toulouse (le Tef) nor Bordeaux (Les Girondins) made splendid kick-off in the Ligue 1 new season opening, decreasing their chance to acquire favoritism in European, Latin American, or even Asian Sportsbooks. Both sides were rendered speechless after absorbing much pressure in the pitch and losing their battles to their opponents. Toulouse were overthrown by Velenciennes 0-3 while Bordeaux suffered a downfall from Monaco 0-2.


Currently placed in the danger zone of the League table, both Toulouse and Bordeaux need to step up their game to compensate for their inaugural misfortune. They will be competing against each other on August 18 at Toulouse’s home court, Stadium Municipal. There is a 33 percent chance for both of these two sides that they will suffer a consecutive mishap in the French top-tier football’s early rounds.


Last season, Les Girondins were able to make it to the seventh spot in the overall rankings, securing a total of 55 points in the scoreboard by the end of the tournament. Toulouse were three places behind (10th) but they were only four points short of the superior team. While their debut performance this the new season was utter dismaying, it can otherwise be used as a motivation to pursue their sweet revenge in subsequent matches (including this one they are about to make).


Three out of the four most recent matches between these two sides were won by Bordeaux (1-0, 2-1, 2-0) with the remainder being a draw (0-0). On the account of their individual battles, Toulouse show a much safer form than their opponents, underscoring one win, one defeat, and three draws. In comparison, Les Girondins are entangled in a confusing fixture, achieving two wins but also being plagued by three agonizing defeats in different tournaments.


Toulouse and Bordeaux’s second appearance in the Ligue 1 2013-14 season will catapult a blatant drama, since both squads are pressured to avoid a second heartbreak. A draw may be the most believable outcome for the match, but Toulouse will be picked in case a winning pack has to be proclaimed.



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