Ligue 1 Match Previews: Match Week 30 (Part 3)

Updated: March 17, 2014

Nantes vs. Montpellier

Match Date: 22 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: La Beaujoire-Louis-Fonteneau

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Nantes are going back to their old ways in Ligue 1. After spending three weeks in the relegation zone at the start of the season, Les Canaris seem to be plunging again into the death spots. At number 15, the side should have been earning a spree of wins; but instead, they were stuck in the wrong track and failed to put a break in their winless streak that has already extended to 11 matches with a goalless draw against Lille. Club top brass Michel Der Zakarian must clear this glitch in the soonest possible time.


Montpellier’s inconsistency still saddens the bulk majority of their supporters. There were instances of really impressive shows across their stress, but there also certain points of complete dismay. The club’s past five top-flight matches alone have already given them three draws, one defeat, and only one win. This is not yet to include a goalless defeat from Cannes in the Coupe de France. La Paillade are currently in the Ligue 1 table’s bottom half.


Sports betting tip: A deadlock could mark this battle’s conclusion.



Toulousse vs. Evian TG

Match Date: 22 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stadium Municipal


Toulouse and Evian are both plagued by a ballooning number of injured players. The home side have five men sidelined—Sana, Soukouna, Regattin, Roman, and Moubandje—while the visitors have six—Kone, Ehret, Baouia, Sougou, de Melo, and Fofana. For TFC, the player deficits do not seem to be much of a burden as their recent results were all successful. The dilemma is more pronounced on the Evian side as they recently lost three points from succumbing and conceding a goal to Valenciennes.


Toulouse’s agile skills down the wings and a generally solid resilience will make them a serious threat for Evian. The guests may have sizable abilities in suing through balls but their poorly managed defense will be effectively used by their hosts against them.


Online betting tip: A clean sheet by Toulouse is plausible from this tourney.