Ligue 1 Match Preview: Sochaux vs. Bastia

Updated: November 19, 2013

Match Date: 23 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stade Bonal



There has barely been a week when Sochaux was out of the league table’s bottom. With just one victory earned this season (thus far), and periled by eight defeats, the troupe are in immense danger of going back to the French second-tier football.


Sochaux may have managed to find the net five times in their last few matches, but the number of goals they conceded to other clubs was far greater. Les Lionceaux have kept excellent control on long shots as well as exuded good aerial duels. However, they have also unimpressively upheld mediocrity on finishing scoring chances, defending set pieces, and avoiding offside.



I Turchini’s last five Ligue 1 fixtures received mixed reception from critics and supporters alike. While they may have picked up nine points in three matches, they also lost a sizable number of score in two tourneys. Current standings place Bastia at number 10, which is a three-place improvement from last week.


Frédéric Hantz has no worries in terms of his lads’ ability to shoot from direct free kicks, protect the lead, and defend set pieces. His dilemma mainly anchors on the team’s lack of substantial understanding about the importance of defense involving through balls. The players are also very poor at defending counter attacks and keeping possession of the ball.


Online betting tip: This tourney, while appearing to be less interesting than the other fixtures, could possibly end to an intriguing display. Sochaux can take inspiration from their losing positions, while Bastia can capitalize on their offense to secure points. The latter may seem to be the obvious favorites, but the former will find ways to hold them in a draw.


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