Ligue 1 Match Preview: Reims vs. Caen

Updated: August 20, 2014
Caen 2014

Match Date: 24 August 2014 (local)

Match venue: Stade Auguste Delaune

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Neither Reims nor Caen achieved good results in their most recent league matches, with the former losing all the spoils to Saint-Etienne and the latter succumbing to Lille. However, the difference can be marked in their opening results as Reims only picked up on point from drawing with PSG while Caen achieved a three-goal clean sheet against Evian TG.



Reims’ first two matches in the league were both very challenging: versus giant powerhouses Paris Saint-Germain and Saint-Eienne. They may have been able to hold PSG in a stalemate during their opener but they lacked substantial creativity when they battled out against Les Verts, eventually losing the points in the process. They are currently just a hairline away from the bottom three and could hardly flaunt a goal difference that is worse than that of 13 other clubs. Apparently, they suffer from a lackluster defense (particularly against through ball attacks), fragile possession, and poor aerial skills. Nevertheless, they can pull off surprises with an excellent knack for creating chances.



Newly promoted Caen impressed early in the competition after bagging a three-goal clean sheet against Evian TG in their debut, which provisionally put them at the top of the league table. Ngolo Kante secured the first goal while Mathieu Duhamel scored his first brace of the season. In their subsequent fixture, however, Patrice Garande’s men were unable to make a successful follow-up to their impressive opener. A send-off of Dennis Appiah coupled by a well-executed spot kick by Lille’s Divock Origi turned the match against Caen’s favor. They also lost two magnificent chances in the first half, when Florian Raspentino and Lenny Nangis’ efforts did not materialize. Regardless of this misfortune, the Norman players are still seen as one of the more interesting sides this season.


Sports betting tip: Although Caen statistically have the better advantage over Reims, this tourney will see both sides sharing the spoils.