Ligue 1 Match Preview: Montpellier vs. Metz

Updated: August 20, 2014
La Paillade

Match Date: 24 August 2014 (local)

Match venue: Stade de la Mosson

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Both currently in the mid-table, Montpellier and Metz are performing moderately well in the French top-flight league. Both squads picked up two points each from their respective matches in the new season, with the only differences being their form and the number of goals scored or conceded.


Montpellier Hérault SC

La Paillade had a poor performance at the onset of the new Ligue 1 season as they saw themselves fall under the sharp talons of Bordeaux. The side incurred a goalless defeat to the Girondins, hampered by a lackadaisical attack although the defense and goalkeeping were generally acceptable. In their second and most recent league fixture, Montpellier made an impressive turnaround of their earlier mishap. The squad stole all the points from Marseille and went home with ear-to-ear smiles following a clean sheet against their foes. Anthony Mounier was the match’s top player, having scored the opener and providing the crucial pass for Morgan Sanson’s second-half goal.



Although unbeaten in their first two matches in Ligue 1, Metz are not exactly the kind of squad most spectators would want to root for. The team only earned draws from their league battles, thus far, with just one goal scored and only two points obtained. They held Lille (which could a good indicator considering Lille’s high-profile position in Ligue 1) in a goalless deadlock in their season debut as well as forced a draw with Nantes 1-1 in their second fixture. Albert Cartier’s men’s defense (particularly in the lead) and their ability to steal the ball from their opponents are their best assets, but they would need to work harder on possession and in managing set pieces.


Online betting tip: Montpellier will wrestle Metz to a stalemate.