Ligue 1 Match Preview: Marseille vs. Montpellier

Updated: August 11, 2014

Match Date: 17 August 2014 (local)

Match venue: Stade Velodrome

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Marseille had a mediocre debut in the new Ligue 1 season, drawing only with Bastia in an otherwise high-scoring tourney 3-3. Montpellier performed worse; the Languedoc-Roussillon side succumbed to Bordeaux in a goalless defeat.


Olympique de Marseille

Marseille continued their 13-match unbeaten run (in all competitions) with a 3-3 draw against Bastia. The result was unexpected considering the positions of the two sides last season but it was nonetheless more acceptable than the fate suffered by fellow superpowers Monaco and Toulouse who both had disastrous debuts in Ligue 1.


Les Phocéens were almost secured of a victory in the 62nd minute when Gignac successfully equalized Maboulou’s early opener, Romaric netted an own goal, and Gignan scored again via penalty. However, Bastia were quick to retaliate and Tallo struck a penalty while Maboulou delivered his second in the 73rd minute. No decisive goal has since been scored until full time.


Montpellier HSC

Montpellier’s streak of winless results was further worsened by an appalling Ligue 1 debut versus Bordeaux. The side failed to score at least one goal and saw themselves fall to their knees with a 0-1 home loss to the Girondins. This served as their fourth non-consecutive defeat in five matches (four from the previous season and one from a friendly), with the remainder being a draw.


La Paillade are quite good at possession but they largely fail at finishing scoring chances. Lost opportunities often result from poor teamwork and passing, although the players must also be given credit for their persistence and hard work.


Sports betting tip: Marseille will earn their first win in the season from Montpellier.