Ligue 1 Match Preview: Bastia vs. Montpellier

Updated: December 18, 2013

Match Date: 21 December 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Armand-Cesari-Furiani



Bastia only won once in their five most recent matches, but it was a well-deserved win after they earned a clean sheet against Evian TG. On the other hand, six points were lost when they met up with Lyon and Lille, along with five goals that they let loose to be taken away by their rivals. Current rankings place Bastia at number 13, quite low of a position but they are actually 12 points clear of relegation.


I Turchini are good in the attack, but the degree of their expertise in this department directly contradicts their ability in the defense. They are presently having a five-goal deficit, incurred from the 26 goals they have conceded in 18 matches. In comparison, they have only scored 21 goals from the same number of fixtures.



Montpellier are one of the four clubs this season to only score less than three victories. Their Ligue 1 campaign has generally been calamitous, with most of their points earned only from deadlocks. Almost all of their defeats rendered them goal-less, completely overpowered by clubs like Lille, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lorient, and their most recent opponents, Saint-Etienne.


La Paillade landed in the relegation zone once (week two), but with the poor displays they are recently manifesting, there is a vast chance that they will again fall into the deadly zone. They are only one spot away from that area in the league table. They may still escape relegation this week even if they get defeated, but they have to bulk up more ferociously in order to completely shun danger.


Online betting tip: This match will be very crucial for both Bastia and Montpellier. The sides will certainly do their best to outshine one another, but it is very likely that they will end their match in a draw.


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