Ligue 1 Match Preview: Bastia vs. Marseille

Updated: August 5, 2014
Marseille 2014

Match Date: 09 August 2014 (local)

Match venue: Stade Armand Césari

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Bastia have never won against Marseille in their last six meetings. The only time they earned a point from their rivals within this time frame was when they held them in a goalless draw last season for their first leg of Ligue 1 battles.




Bastia’s campaign last season was reasonably decent. They were among the most unpredictable sides in the tournament and with that said, also among the least consistent. They ranked as high as fourth place in some of the match weeks but by the end of the season, they only finished 10th—not too bad especially that they still managed to hug the top half amid a heavily saturated season.


I Turchini’s most recent battle was a friendly against Genoa, where they picked up all the spoils after earning a clean sheet courtesy of Guillaume Gillet’s first-half goal. At the back of this success are two draws and one win from their last three Ligue 1 matches last season.




Marseille, who ranked first on week three last season, were clear favorites amongst the French clubs. However, they gradually slid in the league table following 10 non-consecutive defeats they incurred from their top-flight rivals. By the end of the season, they accumulated 60 points to rank them at number six—just a spot outside the UEFA berths.


Their campaign was fairly frustrating but it was nonetheless a pleaser to most spectators, with particular plaudits for André-Pierre Gignac who emerged as the side’s top scorer. They thrashed fellow frontrunners Lyon and Saint-Etienne on at least one of the two legs in Ligue 1 as well as held powerhouses Lille and Bordeaux in a stalemate. Moreover, Les Phocéens have been unbeaten in their pre-season friendlies this summer.


Football betting tip: Marseille can extend their dominance over Bastia with a win from this tourney.