2014-15 Ligue 1 Match Previews: Week 9 (Part 1)

Updated: October 3, 2014
Bordeaux week 8

Reims vs. Bordeaux

Match Date: 04 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stade Michel d’Ornano

(Featured image: Bordeaux | Source: eurosport.com)


The past five league matches they engaged in have awarded them with six points but also inflicted them with a nine-point deficit. Their two latest battles were particularly devastating. After conceding five goals to Marseille, they then gave off another three to Reims. On both occasions, they were rendered goalless. Unsurprisingly, they have remained in the relegation zone.

Bordeaux, meanwhile, have topped the rankings in three consecutive weeks beginning in the second week but have since been overtaken by Marseille. The side are not necessarily declining, but there is undeniably a loophole in their approach to the offside. Regardless, they remain one of the teams to watch for and the kind of powerhouse that will get spectators surprised every now and then.


Football betting tip: Bordeaux will deliver an easy victory against Reims.




Caen vs. Marseille

Match Date: 05 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stade Armand Cesari


Caen and Marseille have something in common: they both reach the apex of the league table in the current season. The only difference is that the hosts did it once and have since dwindled while the guests have already done it several times and improved even more. In other words, the two squads are going into opposite directions.

Caen have been winless in the past five weeks and were empty handed on three (in terms of match results) or four (based on goal scoring) of them. They are presently positioned in the bottom half of the table. Frontrunners Marseille, by contrast, have been winners in all their past six meetings, with clean sheets obtained from Guingamp, Nice, Rennes, and Reims.


Sports betting tip: Marseille will stretch their winning saga to a seventh consecutive week at the expense of Caen.