Football Betting Tips Favor PSG In French Super Cup

Updated: July 30, 2013
Edinson Cavani

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani playing on the pitch, there is no question why most football betting tips choose Paris Saint Germain as favorite in the upcoming French Super Cup.
Bordeaux performance last season was fair enough. Still, it managed to be one of Ligue 1’s top clubs, However, PSG has transformed into a powerhouse—a strong force that every club has to reckon with.
Ibra-Cavani duo

There have been speculations that Ibrahimovic and Cavani may not be “compatible” with each other, considering that both are top caliber players.
Unfortunately, much to the surprise of speculators, Ibra chose to stay at PSG. Indeed, both players are of high pedigree and they may even battle for the spotlight. But such assumptions do not erase the fact that both Ibra and Cavani can fuel the club’s scoring efforts.
Perhaps Laurent Blanc has learned well from Barcelona—that in as much as Barca cannot solely rely on Messi and so is PSG cannot be fully dependent on Ibra.
The Ibra-Cavani team-up may not be as celebrated as that of Neymar and Messi. However, it cannot be denied that these two PSG strikers are tandems to be feared of.
The Marquinho defence

Marquinho is one of PSG’s pillars of defence. At such a tender age of 19, the young defender’s tackling stats are very impressive. For a club vying to make its name not only ion the French super Cup, but also in the Champions League, banking on a great defender is a foolproof way of securing an easy victory.
Currently, it is evident that PSG is at its best form and Bordeaux can only do so much to try to steal the trophy from Ligue 1 giants.

Image source: Zimbio