UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying First matches: Group G Recap

Updated: September 18, 2014
Sweden Euro

Russia and Montenegro finished the first round of Euro 2016 qualifiers at the highest percentile of Group G’s standings. Sweden and Austria produced a draw to rank them in the mid-table while Moldova and Liechtenstein—as expected—finished as the underdogs.


Russia vs. Liechtenstein

A victory against European minnows Liechtenstein was expected from online bookie staple Russia, but the triumph seemed to have been so easy that they thrashed their opponents with four goals and a clean sheet. In fact, the side only needed to do half the job to score all their innings as Liechtenstein netted own goals not just once, but twice. Martin Buchel and Franz Burgmeier scored against their own team which inevitably put the Russians in the lead as early as the fourth minute. They then quadrupled their lead with a penalty from Dmitri Kombarov and an effort by Artem Dzyuba.


Austria vs. Sweden

The clash between Austria and Sweden was expected to be grueling. True enough, it did produce a stunning entertainment for spectators. David Alaba opened the scoring for Austria before Erken Zengin fired an equalizer just five minutes after. However, the match highlight seemed to have detoured away from the score sheet as Rubin Okotie slight nudge in Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s chest stole most of the attention. The PSG star felt disgusted about the gesture and displayed a frightening glare at the Austrian as if an invasion of personal space has just taken place.


Montenegro vs. Moldova

The first 45 minutes of their meeting marooned both Montenegro and Moldova in a goalless deadlock. But just three minutes after half time, the score sheet has begun producing a clearer verdict. Montenegro’s Mirko Vucinic delivered the opener in the extra time for the first period and Zarko Tomasevic doubled their lead by the 73rd minute. The side were then locked in a 2-0 score for the remainder of the time to give Montenegro their first clean sheet of the Euro 2016 qualifiers.


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(Featured Image: Sweden | Source: dailymail.co.uk)