Euro 2016 Qualifying (Group stage) Match Preview: Wales vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Updated: October 8, 2014
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Match Date: 10 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff

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Wales and Bosnia-Herzegovina have a very limited history clashing together. Their most recent meeting was already more than two years ago, when Bosnia pulled off an away win against their rivals in a friendly 0-2.



Many people often forget that Gareth Bale is Welch, not English. And so when he did not make it to the World Cup, almost every fan felt a little heartbroken. Regardless, he will remain a huge star in continental tournaments like the Euro championships. At his national team’s brawl against Andorra in the opening games of the qualifications’ Group stage, Bale scored a brace and put Wales ahead of their Andorran opponents by the end of the meeting. Andorra scored first but the Real Madrid winger saved the day by netting the decisive goal.


“We knew their game plan would be to frustrate us from the word go and we had to be patient; thankfully we were,” expressed Bale. “It came after a little bit of a bad start, but things like that happen. We showed true character in the squad to come back and get the three points.”



The only debutants from the last edition of the FIFA World Cup, Bosnia-Herzegovina proved that they are no minnows. The side boast of excellent talents and playing aggressively is their wheelhouse. However, this stance was hardly seen in their kick-off match at the Euro qualifications Group stage. They were beaten by Cyprus, in spite of scoring the opener. The side lost organization as the match progressed and none of the players was inspired to improve the momentum.


“We started well, scored at the right time and had several opportunities to get another, but it didn’t work,” said team captain Edin Džeko. “We conceded both goals easily, and after that nothing was going right. We hit the post, we didn’t score the penalty. This was obviously not our day.”


Online betting tip: Wales and Bosnia-Herzegovina will share the spoils.