Euro 2016 Qualifying (Group stage) Match Preview: Sweden vs. Liechtenstein

Updated: October 9, 2014
Sweden Euro

Match Date: 12 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Friends Arena, Solna

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Sweden were once a semi-finalist at the Euro championships as well as runners up in the World Cup. Liechtenstein, on the other hand, have yet to make an appearance in both tournaments.



Sweden’s match results for the year 2014 have so far produced three wins, three losses, and one draw. The latter was scored at the opening matches of the Euro 2016 qualifications. Historically, the squad have a relatively impressive record. They finished as runners up to Brazil in the 1958 World Cup as well as semi-finalists in the 1992 edition of the European championships. In their recent records at both tournaments, however, Sweden failed to make significant spectacles. They only finished in the Group stage of Euro and have been absent in the World Cup for two consecutive editions. These were in spite of the talented Zlatan Ibrahimović being part of the ensemble.



One of the bottom-ranked sides in Europe, Liechtenstein seem to be an unknown force within the world of football. The quad are followed by a small number of supporters and the reason is quite clear: they have yet to produce a stunning upset against a top dog. In both the World Cup and the Euro championships, Liechtenstein have failed to qualify for the finals. In addition, they have not yet won a single match since August 2012, with many of their losses resulting in goalless disappointments. At the opening of the Euro 2016 qualifications (Group stage), the team conceded four goals to Russia and scored zero.


Football betting tip: Sweden could earn a clean sheet against Liechtenstein.