Euro 2016 Qualifying (Group stage) Match Preview: Ireland vs. Gibraltar

Updated: October 7, 2014
Ireland euro

Match Date: 11 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Aviva Stadium, Dublin

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Ireland may not necessarily be a major football force within the European community but against minnows and inexperienced sides like Gibraltar, they can pull off brilliant maneuvers in just a wink of an eye.


Republic of Ireland

Ireland opened their Group stage qualification process for the Euro 2016 with a 1-2 away victory against Georgia, helping them rank within the top half of their cluster. Aiden McGeady netted a brace which were scored between the 24th and 90th minutes. The match looked to be ending in a draw as Georgia’s equalizer was almost the last goal scored in the battle. A late rally by McGeady, however, ensured that the Irish team will not go home dropping two points.


“Aiden McGeady is one of the most talented players in our team,” said team manager Martin O’Neill. “He scored twice tonight and deserves to be praised. We controlled the ball over the whole game… Our team has developed during last two months and our performance has been getting better.”



Conceding seven goals, scoring none, and losing all three points to Poland, Gibraltar suffered a massive disaster for their debut appearance in the Euro 2016 qualifications. The squad were completely out of form and produced very limited opportunities to create chances, which they all failed to convert. Gibraltar looked underprepared, uninspired, and lacking in the essential faculties to at least hold their opposition in a deadlock. Poland, by contrast, “played with their heart.”


Sports betting tip: Ireland will bag all the marbles against Gibraltar.