Euro 2016 Qualifying (Group stage) Match Preview: Cyprus vs. Israel

Updated: October 8, 2014
Israel euro

Match Date: 10 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: GSP Stadium, Nicosia

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Cyprus and Israel’s last three meetings were all one-sided, with the latter making the landslide wins. From this set alone, Israel were already ahead by nine points and four goals.



Cyprus have never reached the finals of either the Euro championship or the FIFA World Cup, although they had some impressive stints in some of their matches from these competitions. At the opening games of the qualifications’ Group stage, the side pulled off a dramatic win against Bosnia-Herzegovina 1-2. Dimitris Christofi scored twice while Bosnia’s Vedad Ibisevic netted the opener. For Cyprus, it was “a huge result” for them.


“We knew that we could compete even though we were nervous against a fantastic side with quality players early on. The goal just before half-time gave us strength and belief and in the second half, our tactics to hit them on the break worked,” said team coach Charalampos Christodoulou.



Israel’s debut in the tournament is one match behind from their group-mates as their brawl against Belgium was postponed due to a political crisis. Nevertheless, they will still enter the tournament as the strong side they have always been.


Thus far, Israel’s last 12 international matches have already given them 16 points worth of achievements. However, their form is far from being perfect as they have also lost four times from the same streak. Their most recent friendly ended in a much-needed result after spending their seven earlier matches without a win. They trounced Honduras 2-4 away.


Online betting tip: Israel will seize all three points from Cyprus.