Euro 2016 Qualifying (Group stage) Match Preview: Belgium vs. Andorra

Updated: October 8, 2014
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Match Date: 10 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels

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Unlike Belgium, Andorra have little solid experience in international football. The apparent minnows can easily succumb to their much stronger opponents, although a goal is not necessarily impossible.



Belgium lost only once in their past 10 matches, which they incurred at the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup from Argentina. But generally, the side is a very strong squad with an enormous international following and an impressive historical record. Their supposed debut in the qualifications’ group round against Israel was supposedly to be held days ago but due to political conflicts, it was moved to another date. This put Belgium in a rather awkward position in the current table rankings, but that will soon change once they start making a good grip at the competition.



As expected, Andorra failed to score all three points against Wales in the opening games of the Euro qualification Group round. Gareth bale scored a double while Andorra’s Ildefons Lima netted the opener. This added to their growing record of winless streaks which they have been suffering since 2004. Their last 67 matches have so far been largely unproductive, with just a few results giving them some minor points. There are plenty of disciplines that Andorra seem to be lacking of, made very obvious by their rusty attack and destructible defense. They also commit mistakes often as well as falter easily in the air.


Online betting tip: Belgium will thump Andorra in a clean sheet.