Euro 2016 Qualifying (Group stage) Match Preview: Andorra vs. Israel

Updated: October 13, 2014
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Match Date: 13 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadi Nacional, Andorra la Vella

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A brawl between Andorra and Israel can be quite predictable, with the home squad ranking in one of the lowest spots of the FIFA table and the visitors apparently being the stronger side.



Except for a few instances when they forced a draw against their opponents, Andorra have never received a significant number of points since 10 years ago, when they battled out against FYR Macedonia and netted the only goal of the match. That success has never been replicated since as the Andorrans have failed to deliver impressively with their matches for the past decade having been largely plagued by losses.


Against Wales, Koldo Alvarez’s lads debuted in the Euro 2016 qualifications rather poorly. While Lima netted the match’s opener, his effort proved insignificant when Wales’ Gareth Bale rallied with a brace on both halves. The side’s next fixture was even worse. They scored zero against Belgium and conceded six.



A political peril in Israel hindered the country from kicking off their qualifying campaign on September. Nevertheless, the show went on and they debuted in October instead. Israel won all the spoils with a dramatic 1-2 away win against Cyprus at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia. Omer Damari scored the match’s opener and Tal Ben Haim doubled his country’s lead just before the first half ended. In the second period, Cyprus became more aggressive and defensive. Makrides struck in the 67th minute to serve as equalizer to any of Israel’s first two goals. However, an attempt to deliver another equalizer did not fully materialize and the tally was pinned to 1-2 in favor of Eli Guttman’s men.


Israel’s win in the qualifications would be their second consecutive success since their friendly against Honduras. Prior to these, they were winless in seven successive fixtures in different competitions.


Football betting tip: Israel will dominate the scoring against Andorra.