EURO 2016 Preview: Lithuania vs. Slovenia

Updated: October 8, 2014

Match Date: 12 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: LFF Vilnius


Lithuania is sure to have an acid test when it goes against the struggling Slovenia. The latter lost its first qualifying match, thanks to Estonia’s successful late rally and the last thing that it wants to experience is to suffer another qualifying defeat.
As for Lithuania, winning its first match hardly make an impression since it was pitted against the online betting minnow, San Marino.  Lithuania is therefore compelled to disprove speculations pertaining to their (lucky) win.


The contenders


Lithuania may consider itself lucky for being pitted against the San Marino during the first leg of its qualifying match. The squad nailed 2 important goals and secured 3 important points that would somehow, safeguard them from possibilities of not advancing into the next stage of the competition.


Lithuania had the right to relax since the Slovenia face-off shall be performed in its own territory. But that right does not transcends to a privilege for Slovenia may also transform into a powerful force that has to be reckoned with.



It must be pretty hard for Slovenia to swallow its last minute loss to Estonia. Such encounter could have ended in a scoreless stalemate that could have earned them a point, but to no avail.


But no matter how disappointing the said defeat was, Slovenia shall guarantee that such humiliation does not happen again.


Possible head turners

Lithuania cannot be too comfortable when they play at home since Slovenia is blessed with poachers such as Milivoje Novakovic and Tim Matavz who can fire goals at any given time.



Lithuania 1-1 Slovenia





Image Source: Back Page Football