EURO 2016 Preview: Faroe Islands vs. Hungary

Updated: October 13, 2014

Match Date: 14 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Torsvollur, Torshavn


Faroe Islands hopes to snatch its first qualifying win at home after suffering two (2) consecutive defeats. With the team occupying the rock bottom part of Group F, its chances of advancing into the latter stage of the competition continues to decrease. Evidently, a win will give their morale a boost and a major improvement in their rank.


The contenders

Faroe Islands

Landsliðið’s manager, Lars Olsen bitterly expressed his frustration on the squad’s humiliating loss. Northern Island barely gave the team the opportunity to score a single goal and clinch some points in the tournament.


Olsen admitted Faroe Islands’ inability to prevent their opponents from capitalizing on set pieces. The said issue has been causing a major breakdown in their qualifying campaign and to see such dilemma pull them down for the second time around was indeed, disappointing.



Whether it was luck or good fortune, the point was that the Magical Magyars did not waste the opportunity to earn points during their 3rd qualifying match. Pitted against Romania, the team was almost thrown into oblivion when Romania took the lead. However, a more resilient and confident Hungary made a grand come back. During the dying minutes of the match, Balazs Dzsudzsak scored the much needed equalizer.
Currently, Hungary is tied with Greece in the Group F table. Dzsudzsak explained that their recent win makes them the most balanced team in the group. The team captain also tacitly expressed his positive outlook on Hungary’s next matches.


Possible head turners

Faroe Islands should keep its eye on Dzusdzak. Considering the strength of Hungary’s late rally, it is hard not to expect an impressive performance from the online betting favorite.



Hungary 2-0 Faroe Islands


Image Source: Daily Mirror