Match Preview: The New Saints VS. Legia Warszawa (UEFA Champions League Qualifiers)

Updated: July 15, 2013
Helio Pinto



The Verdict: TNS No Match For Legia’s New Squad

New Saints will have to go through the needle’s eye to continue their campaign in UEFA’s Champions League when it meets, Poland’s pride, Legia Warszawa this 17 July 2013.


Mike Harris and his men cannot afford to be complacent or, overconfident when they encounter the Legionarries. Indeed, they are the Welsh Premiere Champions, but they are going against a former Champions League semi-finalist that spent time hunting new recruits to its recent line-up.

Determined to strengthen its Champions League bid, Jan Urban added more “oomph” to its current squad. With the likes of Henrik Ojaama, Helio Pinto, Raphael Augusto, Matthew Cichocki etc, the Legionarries expect to improve their attacks and keep the flank steady.


There have been questions on whether Urban’s army can last until September or if the new recruits have already adjusted to the squad’s team play. These are indeed, good points to consider. But the Legia’s September team form is rather too early to be of Urban’s main concern. Currently, what matters is that the group is ready and prepared to face its most urgent battles i.e New Saints.

What is more important now is that they have the edge against New Saints and perhaps, the best way to overcome the September-related issues is to let the team surmount its upcoming challenges.


Legia Warszawa shall be facing New Saints, not just once, but twice. For sure, the Legionarries will rally to have the upper-hand and gain momentum. Whether that momentum continues in their next meeting, as of the moment, still, this is too early to tell. Nevertheless, in as far as the match against New Saint is concerned, there is no question that Legia Warszawa stands as the heavy favorites.


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