Heynckes Is All Set For Champions League Trophy

Updated: May 21, 2013
Jupp Heynckes

Jupp Heynckes will soon join Ferguson and Beckham into the retirement realm. And just like the two (2) football icons, Heynckes, shall aim for a graceful exit.


Certainly, the man that trampled over Barcelona, stole the limelight from Borussia and lead Die Roten in its third Champions League appearance, shall defy all odds to bring home the most-coveted Champions League silverware.


No, Heynckes can’t afford to throw in the white towel—not after thirty four (34) years of working with renowned football clubs such as Real Madrid, Benfica, Shalke, Leverkusen, Gladbach, Bilbao, Frankfurt, Tenerife and currently, Bayern. The veteran coach had tons of experience under his belt to easily secure the crown.


The above-mentioned experience is evident in Bayern’s superb teamwork, with Ribery and Robben, allowing their other teammates to shine. Under Heyncke’s the seemingly tragic tradition of prioritizing self-vested interest came last of the team’s priority.


Indeed, teamwork served Bayern well. The squad’s impressive performance, even with Badstuber and Kroos injuries, proved the squad’s balanced and versatile line-up.


In the upcoming Champions League final, expect to see Bayern exploit its long shot abilities and maximize those scoring chances that come along their way. Of course, rest assured that the strong defense—that perfected craft of controlling the game shall be manifested.

Heynckes is leaving soon. But the Bayern era that Jupp (as many would call him) formed and created, is just about to begin.