Champions League Match Preview: Steaua Bucureşti vs. Basel

Updated: October 17, 2013

Match Date: 22 October 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Stadionul Steaua, Bucharest


Steaua Bucureşti

Overall this year, Steaua Bucureşti have only managed to win three matches in the Champions League, with Gabriel Iancu scoring two goals from these tourneys. Of the eight fixtures they had, three finished in draws while two (their most recent) were locked in defeats. Roș-Albaștrii are currently at the bottom of the Group E table (group round), which is dominated by German Schalke 04 and followed by English Chelsea and Swiss Basel. They are the only club, thus far, to earn zero goals and consequently, zero points in the competition.


At the Romanian Liga 1, however, the side are performing really well. Since the new season opened, Laurențiu Reghecampf’s men have remained undefeated, winning in seven matches and drawing only in one.



Aggregate scoring for the third qualifying round against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the Champions League awarded Basel with four goals, which is just one goal greater than that of their opponents. Their subsequent tourneys earned them with eight goals, with one clean sheet obtained from Ludogorets. If not for a dismaying 0-1 home loss from Schalke 04, the side would have been unbeaten this season. The defeat took a toll on FCB’s ranking in their group, which is currently at the bottom half. Regardless, the team will learn to keep up as the tournament progresses.


In the Swiss Super League, meanwhile, the perennial champions and football betting favorites are proving that they are, indeed, Switzerland’s most remarkable squad. Of the last five matches they engaged in, four resulted in massive victories while the remainder was a deadlock.


Champions League betting tip: Between Steaua Bucureşti and Basel, the latter could claim that they have the upper hand. The former are yet to place themselves in a much more comfortable spot in their UEFA cluster, while Basel have already achieved three points from  winning one match (out of two) and scoring two goals. This fixture will ultimately yield three innings, all netted by the Swiss warriors.


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