Champions League Match Preview: Manchester United vs. Olympiakos

Updated: March 13, 2014
Manchester United

Match Date: 19 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Old Trafford


Manchester United

Without a doubt, this season has displayed one of Manchester United’s least impressive showmanship in years. The English top-tier defending champions have sustained a lousy performance decline since new coach David Moyes became the man at the helm, even struggling to secure seeding in the Europa League for next season. Their 2-0 defeat from Olympiacos in the first leg of the Champions’ League Round of 16 just exacerbated the situation, further suggesting a personal waterloo for the English side. The deterioration is not necessarily sharp (they are still in the top half anyway), but they are a complete mess compared to what they were in the past several seasons.


The Red Devils’ campaign in EUFA’s most important continental tournament was generally fine (four wins, three draws), until their Greek opponents suffocated them with a goalless result at the Stadio Georgios Karaiskáki. Alejandro Domínguez opened the socring and Joel Campbell sealed the winner. Moyes’ men had trouble in their defense and their ability to convert chances was not sufficient either.



Their slamming of Manchester United in the Knockout phase (first leg) of the Champions League could have been a very joyous moment for Míchel’s men. It marked the very first time (in five attempts) they beat the English squad and served as a magnificent addition to their very strong form at least to that end (the two matches that followed were both unsuccessful). The result suggests two possibilities: The Greek side just really improved or The English troupe inexplicably waned. The battle is not over yet and both ensembles must strive hard to protect (for Olympiakos) or redeem (for United) themselves.


Champions league betting tip: Manchester United has recently breathed life into the Premier League with back-to-back victories over Crystal Palace and West Brom, and coach Moyes hopes his men could bring the momentum to the UEFA competition. Expect the hosts bag a hard-earned win over the visitors.


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