Champions League Match Preview: Manchester City vs. Barcelona

Updated: February 10, 2014
Manchester City

Match Date: 18 February 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Etihad Stadium


Manchester City

Though they were trounced by Bayern Munich in one fixture during the Group stage, Manchester City still made it through the Final 16 after accumulating total points of 15—level with the Germans in the top spot. They have won five of the six Champions League matches they had this season, so far, and will be thrilled enough to reach the tournament’s higher rounds if given the best circumstances.


Team coach Manuel Pellegrini firmly believes that his side will emerge as this season’s overall champions. “I think we can win it this season. We’re fighting against the best squads in Europe, but we’ve got just the same chance to win it as the other teams, at the least,” he said.


At the domestic league, however, City slid from the top spot down to the third, though they remain to be club with the highest goal difference. Going back to the highest position is still a huge possibility, especially that the sides currently higher than them are only less than two points ahead.



The Group H leaders are eager to clinch their fifth Champions League title, which they last held in the 2010-11 season. This term’s group stage was quite of a challenge for Barca, though not as tremendous as a non-supporter would hope for. Of the six matches they had, four went victorious, one ended in a draw, while the remainder was a surprising defeat. But on aggregate scores, Barcelona defeated all their rivals: Ajax 5-2, Celtic 7-1, and Milan 4-2.


At the English Premier League, City are placed at number three, having been knocked out of the top spot by Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid. However, they are only three points behind of the top two and with a goal difference the highest in the league, it is very plausible that they could still recoup the leadership.


Online betting tip: Manchester City and Barcelona had the same fate in their respective leagues, topping the table for several weeks only to be brought down by their two closest rivals. They also had imperfect (but still impressive) streak in the Champions League group stage, and are showing significant importance to their Latino players. Expect this match to be mind-boggling which could eventually conclude in a high-scoring deadlock.


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