Champions League Football Betting Tips: Group C

Updated: October 25, 2013

Paris Saint-Germain

Unbeaten so far, Paris Saint-Germain remain to be the football betting favorites to lead their cluster throughout the group stage. While most people argue that La Liga’s top clubs have the best football players in the world, Ligue 1’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic deserves to share the same distinction. The PSG linchpin did more than just a hat-trick in their match against Anderlecht. Ibra delivered four goals, which together with Cavani’s inning, brought the squad to a 0-5 away win in the Champions League’s third fixture. Other players, like Motta and Marquinhos, also have the potential to keep their troupe in the group table’s top position.


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Greece’s most successful club are currently seated at the Group C table’s top two. Olympiakos kicked off their Champions League campaign rather embarrassingly, conceding four goals for the French superpower, PSG. This, however, was later pacified by a clean sheet against Anderlecht—a riveting tourney that saw Konstantinos Mitroglou post a hat-trick. He will be the side’s most important player to drive Olympiakos to a much more comfortable placement in the tournament. They are currently five points short of the table leaders’ score, but will likely narrow down that margin in the future when they get a hold of their fixtures more confidently.




The Benfiquistas are in a tight competition with Olympiakos for the second spot, as both of them have been able to bag four points from all of their fixtures. But what pulled Benfica down a little lower than their Greek opponents is their negative-digit goal difference. Oscar Cardozo, Anderson da Silva, and Filip Duricic may have scored three innings for their club, but they were also hijacked of four goals by their nemeses. The possibility of ranking higher in the table in the future remains intact, but the Portuguese players should exert more efforts for them to fulfill their Champions League purpose.




Belgium’s Anderlecht have a perfect streak in the tournament, but not the one they should be proud of. The side’s past three matches have been perfectly below par, scoring zero goals in their combats against Benfica, Olympiakos, and PSG. As expected, they have plummeted in the group table’s bottom spot. John van den Brom need more than just a massive set of decision-making skills to clean up his mess; he must attend to his players’ every need for them to obtain the much-needed motivation necessary to step up their game.