Champions League Football Betting Tips: Group B

Updated: October 25, 2013

Real Madrid

Real Madrid concluded their campaign in the last season of the Champions League in a clean sheet against Borussia Dortmund. The debris from that victory seemed to have lingered in the squad’s opening performances in the tournament’s new season. Los Blancos are currently in the driver’s seat, winning all the first three group stage fixtures they had in the competition. Group-mates Galatasaray, Juventus, and Copenhagen all succumbed to the beatings of the troupe—led by hat-trick master Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Karim Benzema, and Angel di Maria. Off to a good start, Real Madrid have a huge chance of finishing the Champions League group stage—and the higher stages in general—with flying colors.


Cristiano Ronaldo | Image source:




The table’s current second placers came off as relatively impressive Champions League combatants. Galatasaray surprisingly overtook Italian champions, Juventus, in the rankings, making them new football betting favorites for the continental tournament. The Turkish club may have started their campaign rather disappointingly with a poor showing in their own court, but a thrilling 2-2 draw with Juventus and a remarkable 3-1 victory over Copenhagen helped them become the most improved squad in the cluster. Cimbom will continue making good stunts in the group stage, but should still get cautious of what their opponents might unlock in the upcoming fixtures.




Italy’s top-ranking club were a major disappointment in the Champions League’s first three matches for the group stage. Juventus are currently ranked at number three in the table, only picking up two points from all of their outings. Vecchia Signora failed to impress even their own supporters, with their curtain raiser and second tourney both ended in a lame deadlock. Their most recent joist awarded them with no merits, succumbing to the prowess of Spain’s Real Madrid. A negative-digit goal difference is something coach Antonio Conte must learn to turn around, and if he succeeds in doing so, he’d be able to bring back his men to the tournament’s greener pastures.




The Danish team are the Champions League group stage cluster’s least impressive pitch warriors. Copenhagen finished their curtain raiser with Juventus with a low-scoring draw, and followed it up with back-to-back defeats that otherwise contradicted their showings in Superliga. Byens Hold are apparently having a difficult run in the season, but they must regain their composure if they wish to conclude the round in at least one spot above the bottom.