Bayern Eyes For UEFA Super Cup Silverware

Updated: August 13, 2013
Bayern Munchen

A massive clash of the titans is about to take place at Eden Arena this 30 August 2013. UEFA’s Champions League title holder, Bayern Munchen shall face UEFA’s Europa League winners, Chelsea in yet another football spectacle.
But behind every battle rises a heavy favorite—the club that will most likely clinch the silverware and receive a warm hero’s welcome and in this face-off, clearly, it is the Bavarians that fill this role.
Majority of sports betting tips are in favor of Bayern. The club, still, has its treble overdose courtesy of Jupp Heynckes. Being the first German team to achieve such triumph is never an easy feat and certainly, the club shall look forward to completing their set of silverware collection in the upcoming match. Moreover, this will be the Bavarian’s chance to get even with a rival that once caused them a mountain of disappointment.
But Heynckes is no longer with the club. Pep Guardiola is now the team’s head honcho. Although clouded with doubt, Guardiola has earned the group’s trust. They may have lost the trophy in the recently concluded German Super Cup, but, nevertheless, they emerged victorious in a Barcelona friendly and in securing the Audi Cup.
Guardiola’s changes found Lahm playing at the center, which proved to be effective both for Lahm and the Bavarian.
Should Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho decided to park the bus, there is a high possibility for the Bavarians to easily ward off and eventually, destroy such an impenetrable defence wall.
Clearly, Bayern has the upper-hand. The team shall never forego the opportunity to (redeem) and (avenge) itself.
Match Date: 31 August 2013
Venue: Eden Arena, Prague

Photo Credit: WallPicsHD