Why Barḉa Should Be Wary Of Atletico Madrid In Supercopa de España

Updated: July 30, 2013
Atletico Madrid

Barḉa may be a stronger team, but they cannot afford to be complacent when they go against the Los Rojiblancos in Supercopa de España. Even those who bet online, cannot be too overconfident.
Indeed, Barḉa is more likely to win, but the squad should not forget that they are going against a club that sent Cristiano Ronaldo out of the pitch and left José Mourinho bitter over his so-called “worst season.”
Atletico Madrid displayed an impressive performance in the recently concluded, Copa del Rey. At its best, it was grace under pressure. Without forcing themselves to score, the club waited for the perfect timing to make their move. And true enough, patience is a virtue. Radamel Falcao’s set-up for Diego Acosta enabled them to equalize and soon, Miranda converted Koke’s cross to pull-off the victory.
The above-mentioned maneuver is something that Barḉa should be wary of. The Rojiblancos may not put up the same level of aggressiveness and intensity. Yet, they will immediately grab and convert any opportunity that comes along its way.
Fortunately for Barḉa, Falcao, the so-called “deadliest” world striker no longer plays for Atletico Madrid. Whereas on their side, they will always have that Messi-Neymar duo, whose mere mention of their names, sends spine-tingling fear.
Nevertheless, Tata Martino should not forget that the club struggles with their defence. And the Rojiblancos can very much capitalized on it. The latter may have lost Falcao, but David Villa, Martin Demichelis and Leo Baptistao will be sporting their Atletico Madrid jerseys soon.
Barḉa is still, pegged as heavy favorites. But securing victory will not be easy for them. There is a slim chance of them losing, yet, ending in a draw is also highly possible.

Image source: Zimbio/ Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno