2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup Preview: Belize vs. Cuba

Updated: July 15, 2013
Belize | © mlssoccer.com

Belize and Cuba will be pitted against each other in the upcoming CONCACAF Gold Cup Group C Final on July 17. Host stadium, Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut, will see coaches Walter Benitez and Ian Andrew Mork’s teams rampaging in a full-strength match to seal off the prized win.


The three-week tournament is set to crown a regional champion in North and Central America and the Caribbean. Jürgen Klinsmann’s mighty US squad―which just made easy wins of its first two matches with Belize 6-1 and Cuba 4-1―will come in handy to pound its opponent in the final.

But pull the US squad in the sides, Cuba and Belize are up in a great clash. Both sides are taking in extra precautions to secure victory and keep America’s dominance in the CONCACAF Gold Cup at bay.

Thus far, Cuba and Belize have not yet been in the best wheelhouse in the first few rounds of the tournament. None of the teams won in any match in addition to their US defeats. The second round saw Belize being overthrown by Costa Rica 0-1, while Cuba suffered the same fate from the same Central American rival 0-3. Current standings, however, suggest that Belize is ahead of Cuba as far as Group C is concerned.



CubaTeamCuba | © concacaf.com

 With not-so-spectacular performances they unleashed in their earlier matches, the Caribbean and the Central American sides are in an uncertain position of who will emerge victorious between them. Belize may pose a little more threat than do Cuba but the result may likely lead to a draw.