Tequila Poker Pays 200 To 1 In 12BET Casino | Players Get Drunk With High Prizes

Updated: December 28, 2012
Tequila Poker

Here is a game which lets players enjoy winnings, which are 200 times bigger than their original bet and the excitement of poker and blackjack in one game—Tequila Poker.


Simple mathematical skills and basic knowledge of poker hands are the only things, which players need to win in this game. Learning complicated techniques is no longer necessary for members get an immediate preview of the game results. In this manner, they can easily manage their bankroll.


To begin with, players must know two (2) important bets—the high tequila and tequila poker bets.


Digging into the 2 bets


For the high tequila bet, a player predicts that their total card value is 46 or higher. Four (4) cards will be distributed and their values will be added.


All cards retain their respective values, except for the 10 and Ace, which are valued at 11.


Meanwhile, for the tequila poker bet, a member only needs to form a strong poker hand.


Making the fold

Folding in this game, means surrendering a hand. Unlike other card games, it does not cost the player anything.


They can fold anytime they want to.


Simple tricks revealed

Going for the high tequila is recommended if the player gets a total card value of 36.


On the other hand, it is always good to wager on the tequila poker if the 4 cards shows a promising hand. At any rate, pairs are considered in this game.


Ready to win and fold without guilt? Play Tequila Poker in 12BET Casino today and get drunk with overwhelming and huge prizes!