Why French Roulette Is The Most Profitable Roulette Variant

Updated: June 6, 2013
French Roulette - La Partage

Through live French roulette’s La Partage rule, players gain the advantage to bring down the house and win big. Just when many think that roulette is an impossible game to beat, this roulette variant proves, otherwise.

How La Partage works
The La Partage rule saves half of the player’s bet. Usually, a ball that lands on zero takes all of the player’s wager. However, this is not the case for this particular roulette variant.
Not only does the La Partage rule prevents the player’s bankroll from being drained, it also allows the latter to have a longer playing time.

The French roulette difference
Aside from La Partage, another difference of French roulette is the table layout. Only the red numbers are present on the table layout. The black ones can be seen on the wheel.



Of multiple betting
Different types of roulette variant may soon come out, but for sure, multiple betting will always stand as one of the most effective strategies.



More to enjoy
Other than saving your bankroll from abrupt depletion and with multiple betting increasing your winning chances, the game’s live dealers and real-time gaming are two (2) of the best things that you cannot afford to miss in this roulette variant.


Never turn your back against a great gaming experience—one where you can see the results happen before your very eyes and seeing all those lively dealers entertain you at the comforts of your own house.


Live French roulette is just a click away. Play and start winning big bucks today.